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Beatles: The Second White Album by Joe Viglione

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Written by Joe Viglione
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As some of the Gemmzine critics were sitting around watching old Beatles videos (courtesy of Bob Boyd) on a Saturday night. we got to thinking..."What if you culled the great, immediate post-Beatles songs by John, Paul, George and Ringo? Just as parts of "The White Album" (a.k.a. The Beatles) and Abbey Road had songs that were platforms for the individual Beatle members but still had the "aura" of The Fab Four, the most relevant Beatle-styled songs by the four musicians were the songs that appeared during and after their break-up. "All Things Must Pass" was actually recorded by The Beatles which is why a separate "Beatles" album with some of those immediate tracks is so very necessary.

Gemmzine writers are invited to give us their ideas on a superb follow-up to "The White Album", proposed re-mixes of classic post-Beatles songs - or re-takes to give another look at The Fab 4 as they truly would have been in 1971-1972.

1)Instant Karma - original John & Yoko early mix released in England

2)What Is Life - George Harrison

3)Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - Paul McCartney

4)Photograph - Ringo Starr

5)Isolation - John Lennon

6)Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney

7)Isn't It A Pity - George Harrison

8)It Don't Come Easy - Ringo Starr

9)Oh Woman, Oh Why (flip of "Another Day")

10)All Things Must Pass - The Beatles (pre-George Harrison solo take)

11)Mother - John Lennon

12)I'm The Greatest - Ringo Starr

13)Too Many People - Paul McCartney from RAM

14)How Do You Sleep - John Lennon

15)Back Off Boogaloo - Ringo Starr

16)Wah Wah - George Harrison

As the three "other" Beatles all gave Ringo some help over his solo career, nuggets can be culled from his solo discs to give a snapshot of material with at least two Beatles involved in the process (a la "The Ballad of John & Yoko").

It would also take Ringo recording Harrison's "All Those Years Ago" and Lennon's "Nobody Told Me", songs which were, according to Beatles legend, originally supposed to be recorded by him.

Bonus Disc - Ringo Sings the Beatles songs written for Ringo

17)(It's All da-Da Down To)Goodnight Vienna - Ringo Starr (Written by John Lennon)

18)Six O'Clock - Ringo Starr (written by Paul McCartney)

19)Sunshine For My Life (Sail Away Raymond) - Written by George Harrison

20)Early 1970 - Written by Ringo Starr

21)Private Property - Ringo (Written by Paul McCartney, from Stop & Smell The Roses, 1981)

22)Attention - Ringo (Written by McCartney/Starr, from Stop & Smell The Roses)

23)Wrack My Brain - Ringo (Written by George Harrison)

24)Nobody Told Me - Ringo (Written by John Lennon for Stop & Smell The Roses)

25)All Those Years Ago - Ringo (Written by George Harrison for Ringo Starr)

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